NOTE: This game does take a while to load. Please be patient when running for the first time

Captain Bread-Leg and his gang of buccaneers have landed on an island which houses a mysterious castle. After raiding the castle and all of its treasures, they yonder off... but it turns out Bread-Leg has been bitten by a vampire bat!

After word gets around the ship of Bread-Leg's predicament, a mutiny is lead by none other than Lieutenant Ladders - who casts Bread-Leg to a deserted island and sends his new crew to kill him off... they'll never know what's coming to get them!

Vampirate is a top-down shooter, where you play as Captain Bread-Leg - a mutinied pirate, exiled from his crew after discovering his vampirical nature. You must survive the level, keeping your revenge-induced Rage above zero. Your Rage drops as you take damage from sunlight, but Rage is fuelled by the spilt blood of your traitorous crew. Equip Bread-Leg's trusty flintlock pistol and other vampiric abilities to aid your quest!


WASD/Arrow Keys - Move Up/Down

Mouse Cursor - Aim

Left Mouse Button - Shoot

Q - Swap weapon (1,2,3 alternatively)

Space Bar - Phase Ability

Left/Right Shift - Dash Ability 

E - Traitor Ability

Mouse 2 - Homing Missile

ESC - Pause

Ethan Fitzgerald

Level Design (Jungle)

Traitor Mechanic

AI Programming (Enemy/Traitor movement & shooting)

Narrative Concept

Gameplay Programming (camera, movement, physics, gunplay)

Homing Missile

Baxter Dulieu

Level Design (Dungeon)

Phase Mechanic

UI Design

Gameplay Programming (Rage bar, UI)

Level Art (Jungle & Dungeon)

Christian Burgio

Level Design (Beach)

Bloodbath Mechanic

AI Programming (shooting behavior)

Narrative Concept

Level Art (Beach, Jungle, Volcano)

Sprite Art

Sprite Animations

Level Design (Volcano V2)

David Schutte

Level Design (Iceberg)

Dash Mechanic

Gameplay Programming (dead enemies) management and marketing material (logos, thumbnails and videos)

UI Art

UI Animations

Level Art (Iceberg)

Max Gottardi

Originally - Level Design (Volcano)

Originally - Landmine mechanic

Originally - Gameplay Programming (player shooting)

Five Guys, No Burgers or Fries
StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsDavid Schutte, Ethan Fitz, Baxter Dulieu, CB120
Made withPiskel,, Unity, GIMP
Tags2D, Arcade, Monsters, Pirates, Pixel Art, Retro, Short, Top down shooter, Unity, Vampire
Average sessionA few minutes