It's the crossover of the century - Tetris meets Hole in the Wall meets Temple Run! See how long you can last against an endless barrage of evil cubes in a bid for the highest score!

Every wave has a new perspective! Take turns dodging red cubes, then in the new perspective, red cubes dodge you!


Go for a high score! 

At first, draw your shape in the grid (top left of the screen) to fit through the hole in the red wall. 

The more cubes that fit, the more points you earn. The more cubes you miss, the more points you lose! if you have no points left to lose, its game over.  If you hit a wall accidentally, you lose one life for each cube hit. 

Change of Perspective!

When the perspective flips, you will now take control of the red cubes in the wall, deducting them using the grid to fit the incoming blue cubes. 

Perspectives shift every 30 seconds, so be prepared!


Mouse Left Click + Drag: Control Grid (Top Left)

Spacebar: Turn Transparent

Developed By:

6 Guys Logo

Jake Meyer (Garnet)

Baxter Dulieu

Christian Burgio

Ethan Fitzgerald

David Schutte

Declan Carveth

Enrique Dolzadelli

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